DWI Chaos: Dynamics
Different Ways To Infinity: Chaos (Fluid Dynamics)
in collaboration with Iñigo Bilbao



D.W.I is an installation that gathers experiments in geometry and physic, as fictional strategies to generate infinity.
Focusing on the limits between scientific modelization and reality, theory and perception, the installation plays with different meanings of the endlessness.

Chaos is showed as physical and electronic phenomena, using Lorentz attractors and fluid dynamics.
Clones are represented as identical mechanical machines (inverted pendulums), that using human behaviors, fuzzy logic, drift to find equilibrium.
And space-filling polyhedra (rhombic dodecahedrons) are used as a sculpture generator. .

DWI Chaos: A set of 3d animations and large prints
These large digital prints and 3d animations are generated by computational fluid dynamics software.

Computational Fluid Mechanics, Chaos Theory, 3ds Max, Krakatoa, Realflow

Technical description
6 digital pigment prints (90cmx56cm), Diasec mount, bearings, wood archive.
2 videos in HD 1080p. Durations 04:03 & 04:30.

Different Ways to Infinity: Chaos by Félix Luque Sanchez
Iñigo Bilbao
3d graphics, Industrial and technical Design.
Vincent Evrard:
Arduino programming
Damien Gernay
Design of the synthesizer.
Jeremy Vanneste
A production of "secteur arts numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles"
With the support of iMAL (FabLAB)
"Different Ways to Infinity: Modular" received a production award from Fundación Telefónica "vida 13"